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Phone Booth in 2015

Taking the AAA Approach to Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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Back in the golden age of phonebook advertising, companies—especially in the service industry—used to put an “A” in front of their name to move them to the front of the phonebook section. It got so ridiculous, some companies piled on the A’s to get the edge.

As our world grew further and further into the digital era, the similar tactics were implemented to move search. Black hat SEO tricks and manipulation of search engines became the norm until search engines like Google started cracking the whip against it. Now we’re in the era of social, reviews, search, content, paid advertising and more, and the only real way you can get in front of your competition and your ideal audience is by creating a strategy that puts your business in every place possible. But not only do you need to spread the net everywhere, you actually have to be sincere and provide relevant information that is actually useful.

So how do you do that? Content marketing…

  • 57 percent of organizations now have two or more people dedicated to content marketing. —Contently
  • 24 percent of organizations now devote 50 percent or more of their budget to content. —Contently
  • Facebook now drives 25 percent of all Internet traffic. —Shareaholic

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Creating a content marketing plan is far more in depth than just a few blogs each week and maybe a Facebook post here and there. Today, content should be driving almost any and every business’s online goals. Without content you really don’t have a lot to share or offer your audience.

Social media continues to drive traffic. Each month these platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more are taking consumers through the sales journey with relevant content.

Knowing that Facebook now drives 25% of all Internet traffic, marketers and companies are beginning to understand that telling, not selling, is the only way to increase organic reach and drive users to their website. Truly the only way to have a very active business page and reach a wider audience is to have a social strategy that is engaging to its audience and share worthy. On top of that, you really can’t play without paying. This will continue to be the game going forward too. Facebook sells ads, so if you don’t buy any your business will continue to lose reach.

Take a look at one of our recent posts about the “Low Pay and Spray Strategy” for social media marketing.

Beyond just social, what are you doing for search?

Much like social has become a pay to play platform, search will continue to move that way as well. Manipulating the search engine to increase organic traffic isn’t what it used to be, and without consistent relevant content that is posted often you won’t be able to move up the ladder. And even with a sound strategy behind timely content, you won’t have the reach that was once possible without putting ads out there too. It’s just the world we live in today.

Search is so targeted and dynamic today. You can put a message, an ad, a piece of information right in front of someone looking for your business right at that moment—and often right in the palm of their hand.

Beyond search and social, content should include a strategy that’s relevant to your business. From whitepapers, press releases, news articles to videos and infographics, your strategy should be monthly, timely and focused on goals each month.

If your business is running a traditional advertising campaign around a specific goal that quarter or month, your online strategy should mirror those initiatives. As digital marketers here at I-ology, so often we see brands and businesses not being cohesive when it comes to offline and online marketing goals. Your business goals should be working together as a unit, from sales and marketing to online and offline. Make sure each department is working together to complete those goals and create that content.

Here at I-ology we create, deploy and report on content marketing strategies for a wide range of brands. From healthcare and financial organizations to transportation and education, we have large portfolio of successful marketing campaigns that have driven results. If you’d like to learn more, send us an email.

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