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Trish Bear, i-ology

Where were you in 1998? I-ology Turns 19!

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What technology milestones occurred in 1998? The search engine Google was founded. The all-in-one iMac was released. Microsoft became the largest valued company in the world at $261 billion on the New York Stock Exchange. These were all indications that the World Wide Web and technology were here to stay.

In Arizona, there was a woman that had fierce determination, perseverance, and a laptop. From her bedroom, she started a business that later grew into the technology company that I-ology is today. From the beginning, Trish had a vision to transform organizations and she has stayed true to that vision ever since.

Trish Bear, i-ology

While Trish was creating I-ology, here is what the rest of the team was doing in 1998. Oh, how the times have changed…

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